During monsoon, in addition to regular periodic service, customer is required to take extra care of his bike in order to obtain consistent performance from bike.

Following points should be ensured for Monsoon Seasons

  1. Ensure your bike is parked in covered parking but if you don’t have a covered parking, then make sure to get a proper rain proof cover for your bike

  2. While parking your bike always look for covered parking

  3. Ensure that tires of your bike are in good shape. Get your tire’s tread area checked from KTM authorized dealerships
  4. Maintain recommended tire pressure in both tires

  5. Drive chain should be cleaned at every 500 kms using KTM recommended OKS chain spray. If drive chain gets excessively dirty by mud, get it cleaned from KTM authorized dealership.

  6. Ensure your bike’s either disc brakes are working properly. Ensure your brake pads are in optimum shape
  7. The rain water when enters the braking mechanism reduces the braking efficiency Hence it is advisable to always ride slow and keep proper distance between the vehicles up front. Avoid sudden braking situations This may result in skidding of bike
  8. Use suitable rain gear (e.g. Helmet, rainy shoes, jerkin etc.)

  9. Never drive your bike through flooded roads or a flooded patch, water may splash into the engine. There is a chance of water getting sucked into the engine, which may result in engine parts damage. Damage to the engine parts due to water entry is not covered under WARRANTY.

  10. If vehicle is parked & water level rises around parked bike, do not try to start the bike. Contact your nearest KTM authorized dealer who will arrange to take your bike to workshop for necessary inspection & repairs

The inside of the lamp might fog up after using the motorcycle in rain or after washing. Fog inside the lamp will disappear gradually by switching on the lamp while driving the motorcycle. The amount of time it takes for the fog to disperse depends on the humidity of the ambient air. Fog in non functional areas other than reflector does not affect lamp performance.