Bajaj Auto Limited (as a distributor to KTM) gives the following warranty in respect of “125 Duke / 200 Duke / 250 Duke / 390 Duke / RC 200 / RC 390” (as applicable) motorcycle.

Every possible care and precaution has been taken to ensure quality in respect of the material and workmanship in the vehicles manufactured. Bajaj Auto Limited will repair or replace at their Authorised KTM Workshops, free of charge, part or parts there of as may be found, on examination, to have manufacturing defect within a period of 2 Years or 30,000 Kms. whichever occurs earlier from the date of sale for the vehicle. Subject to fulfilment of condition stipulated in part A, B & C given here under.

Warranty is applicable for the first owner of the vehicle only.

Part A:

Warranty claims in respect of such items like shock absorbers, speedometers etc. though claimed through us, are subject to the acceptance of the respective manufacturers. In all such cases the decision of the respective manufacturer will be final and binding.

Proprietary parts like tires, battery & spark plugs are warranted by their respective manufacturers (only one year warranty from the date of purchase) and should be claimed on them directly by the customer. Bajaj Auto Limited shall not be liable in any manner to replace them though their dealers will give full assistance in preferring such claims on their manufacturers. Bajaj Auto Limited undertake no liability in the matter of consequential loss or damage caused due to the failure of the parts. Delay, if any, at the repairing workshop in carrying out repair to vehicle shall not be a ground for extending the warranty period, nor shall it give any right to the customer for claiming any compensation for damages.

Bajaj Auto Limited reserves the right either to repair or replace the defective parts.

Where a defective part can be replaced by part/s of alternative brands, which are normally used by Bajaj Auto Limited in the course of manufacture, Bajaj Auto Limited reserves the right to carry out the replacement by a part or parts of any such alternative brand/s. This warranty and any claim arising there from is subject to Pune jurisdiction only.

Part B:

No claim for exchange of part or repair can be considered unless the customer :

a. Ensures that immediately upon detection of the defect, he approaches any select Authorised KTM Dealer with the concerned vehicle and enables him to remove and dispatch the part/parts attributing to the manufacturing defect to the Company..

b. Produces the Leaflet, in original, to enable that dealer to verify the details.

It must be expressly understood that claims forwarded directly to us by the owner / customers will not be entertained at all & such defective part/parts thus forwarded by them will lie at our factory at their own risk, and this warranty shall not be enforceable.

To avail the benefits of warranty, the following are mandatory –

  • Availing of Initial 3 Periodic Services, as per Schedule of services, without lapse
  • Availing 4 Paid Services, as per Schedule of Services, without any lapse
  • Availing of all above services at the Authorised Vehicle Dealers
  • Maintaining all service records duly signed and stamped by dealers
  • Usage of only recommended oil (Only SAE 10W50, fully synthetic grade API SJ, JASO MA2 for 250/390 Duke /RC 390 & SAE 20W50, API SG/SL JASO MA for 125 Duke /200 Duke/RC 200)
  • Replacing mandatory periodic parts such as air filter, oil filter, etc. as per periodic maintenance schedule.

Part C:

Further this warranty is NOT applicable to :

  1. Normal maintenance operations for items like brake & clutch, cleaning of fuel system, engine tune-up or such other adjustments.
  2. Parts subjected to normal wear & tear like Clutch Plates, Disc Pad, Chain, Sprockets, Fork Oil Seal, Spark Plug, Control Cables.
  3. Electrical items including self-start's, bulbs & rubber components like grommets, 'O' rings, bellows as well as filters, packing, gaskets, fasteners etc.
  4. Painted parts. Any defect arising out of external damages or due to usage of protective covers / additional protective coatings adverse atmospheric condition etc.
  5. All consumables like engine oil, fork oil, brake oil, coolant etc. are chargeable to the customer.
  6. Any defect arising due to above consumables not changed as per schedule or if used other than the recommended one.
  7. All chrome plated parts are prone to rust or corrosion in coastal area or in acidic environment or due to neglected cleaning etc. Yellowing of entire header pipe is normal & permissible & hence not covered under warranty.
  8. Oxidation of unpainted / painted crankcase, cylinder block, cylinder head etc. in acidic environment or in a coastal area
  9. Valve lapping (De-Carbonizing) if required to be done at 20,000 km which is normal servicing requirement.
  10. Vehicle and parts thereof that have been subjected to misuse, accident, negligent treatment OR which have been used in conjunction with parts & an equipment not manufactured or recommended for use by KTM and Bajaj Auto Limited, if in the sole judgement of Bajaj Auto Limited, such use prematurely affects the performance and reliability of the vehicle.
  11. Parts of the vehicle that have been altered and modified or replaced in unauthorised manner like use of wider tires, loud silencers etc. and which in the sole judgement of the Bajaj Auto Limited affects its performance and reliability.
  12. Vehicles which are not being serviced at recommended KTM dealers as per the service schedule described or which have not been operated or maintained in accordance with the instructions maintained in the Owner's Manual.
  13. Vehicles used for any competition or race and/or for attempting to set up any kind of record.
  14. Any failure arising due to use of adulterated or bad quality fuel.
  15. If additional electrical accessories such as Remote, Bigger Horn, Musical brake light etc. fitted on vehicle.
  16. If the vehicle has been used for commercial purpose like Taxi or any other means of commercial transportation.

KTM/Bajaj Auto Limited reserves the right to make any changes in design or to add any improvements on the vehicle at any time without incurring any obligation to install the same on a vehicle previously supplied and sold. Also, the conditions of this warranty are subject to alteration without any notice.

This warranty is the entire written warranty given by Bajaj Auto Limited for “125/200/250/ 390 Duke / RC 200 / 390􀀿 (as applicable) motorcycle & no other person, including the Bajaj dealer or its or his agent or employee is authorised to extend or enlarge this warranty.