If you want to garage the motorcycle for a longer period, take the following steps.
Before storing the motorcycle, check all parts for function and wear. If service, repairs or replacements are necessary, you should do this during the storage period (less workshop overload). In this way, you can avoid long workshop waiting times at the start of new season.

Make sure the tank is as empty as possible so that you can fill up with fresh fuel when you put the motorcycle back into operation.
Clean the motorcycle
Change the engine oil and oil filter, clean the oil screen.
Check the antifreeze and coolant level.
Check the tire air pressure.
Remove the battery.
Recharge the battery .
Store the vehicle in a dry location that is not subject to large fluctuations in temperature.
Raise the motorcycle with the rear wheel stand.
Cover the motorcycle with a tarp or similar cover that is permeable to air.
Storage temperature of battery without direct sunlight0... 350C

KTM recommends jacking up the motorcycle.

Do not use non-porous materials since they prevent humidity from escaping thus causing corrosion.
Avoid running the engine for a short time only. Since the engine cannot warm up properly, the water vapor produced during combustion condenses & causes valves & exhaust system to rust.