Use definition

KTM sport motorcycles are designed and constructed to meet the normal demands of regular road operation but not for use on race courses or off-road.

Info The motorcycle is authorized for public road traffic in the homologous version only.


A prerequisite for perfect operation and prevention of premature wear is that the service, care, and tuning work on the engine & chassis is properly carried out as described in the owner's manual. Poor adjustment and tuning of the engine and chassis can lead to damage and breakage of components.

Using the motorcycle in extreme conditions such as very muddy or wet roads can lead to above-average wear of components such as the transmission train or the brakes. For this reason, it may be necessary to service or replace worn parts before the limit specified in the service schedule is reached.

Pay careful attention to the prescribed running-in period and service intervals. If you observe these exactly, you will ensure a much longer service life for your motorcycle.


The work prescribed in the service schedule must be carried out by an authorized KTM workshop only and confirmed in the customer's service record otherwise, all warranty claims will be void. No warranty claims can be considered for damage resulting from manipulations and/or alterations to the vehicle.

Fuel, oils, etc.

You should use the fuels, oils, and greases according to specifications as listed in the Owner's Manual.

Spare parts and Accessories

For your own safety, only use spare parts and accessory products that have been approved and/or recommended by KTM and have them installed by an authorized KTM workshop, KTM accepts no liability for other products and any resulting damage.

Some spare parts and accessory products are specified in parentheses in the descriptions. Your KTM dealer will be glad to advise you.

You will find the current KTM Power Parts available for your vehicle at your nearest KTM dealership.

Work rules

Special tools are necessary for certain tasks.The tools are not contained in the vehicle but can be ordered through the nearest KTM authorised dealership.

During assembly, non-reusable parts (e.g. self-locking screws and nuts, seals and seal rings, O-rings, pins, lock washers) must be replaced by new parts.

Where thread lockers are used on screw connections (e.g. Loctite®), follow the instructions for use from the manufacturer.

After disassembly, clean the parts that are to be reused and check them for damage and wear.


Danger of damage The parked vehicle may roll away or fall over.

- Always place the vehicle on a firm & even surface.

Fire hazard Some vehicle components become very hot when the vehicle is operated.

- Do not park the vehicle near flammable or explosive substances. Do not place objects on the vehicle while it is still warm from being run. Always let the vehicle cool first.

- Switch off the engine and remove the ignition key.

- Use straps or other suitable devices to secure the motorcycle against falling over & rolling away


If you use your motorcycle responsibly, you can ensure that problems and conflicts do not occur. To protect the future of the motorcycle sport, make sure that you use your motorcycle legally, display environmental consciousness, and respect the rights of others.


Pay close attention to the notes/warnings.

Info Various information and warning labels are affixed to the vehicle. Do not remove information/warning labels. If they are missing, you or others may not recognize potential hazards and may therefore be injured.

Grades of risks

Danger Identifies a danger that will immediately and invariably lead to fatal or serious permanent injury if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Warning Identifies a danger that is likely to lead to fatal or serious injury if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Caution Identifies a danger that may lead to minor injuries if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Info Identifies a danger that will lead to considerable machine and material damage if the appropriate measures are not taken.

Warning Identifies a danger that will lead to environmental damage if appropriate measures are not taken.

Owner's Manual

- It is important that you read this owner's manual carefully & completely before making your first trip. It contains useful information and many tips on how to operate and handle your motorcycle. Only then will you learn how to best customize the motorcycle for your own use and to protect yourself from injury. The owner's manual also contains important information on servicing the motorcycle.

- The owner's manual is an important component of the motorcycle. For a greener environment, a soft copy for the new owner’s manual is to be downloaded when the vehicle is purchased.