Warning Danger of accidents functional limitation of ABS.
- The rear wheel may only be spun with the front brake applied (born out) if the ABS is switched off.
- If the vehicle has been modified, such as shortened or lengthened spring deflection, different rim diameter, different tires, the wrong tire air pressure, different brake linings, etc., the ABS will not functioning optimally. Optimal functioning of the ABS is only ensure if the brake system only contains spare parts and tires that have been approved and / or recommended by KTM.
- Service work and repairs must be performed properly. (Your authorized KTM workshop will be glad to help).

Warning Danger of accidents Rolling over the vehicle.
- It is not always possible to prevent rolling over the vehicle in extreme riding situation (e.g. luggage loaded with a high center of gravity, varying road surfaces, steep descent, full braking disengaging the gear). Adapt your riding style to the road conditions & your riding ability.

Checking the rear brake linings

Danger of accidents
Reduced braking efficiency caused by worn brake linings.
- Change worn brake linings immediately. (Your authorized KTM workshop will be glad to help).

Danger of accidents
Reduced braking efficiency caused by damaged brake discs.
- If the brake linings are not changed in time, the steel brake lining carries grind on the brake disc. The braking effect is greatly reduced and the brake discs are rendered unserviceable. Check the brake linings regularly.

- Check the brake linings for minimum thickness A. Minimum thickness ≥ 1 mm. If the minimum thickness is less than specified.
- Change the rear brake linings.Check the brake linings for damage and cracking.
- If there is wear or tearing.
- Change the rear brake linings.

Do not pull the hand brake lever when the front wheel is removed.

Danger of accidents
Reduced braking due to oil or grease on the brake discs.
- Always keep the brake disc free of oil, grease and clean them with brake cleaner.