Adjusting the spring pre-load of the shock absorber

Warning Danger of accidents Modification to the suspension settings can seriously alter the vehicle's ride behaviour.

Info The spring pre-load defines the initial situation of the spring process on the shock absorber. The best spring pre-load setting is achieved when it is set for the weight of the rider and that of any baggage and a passenger, thus ensuring an ideal compromise between manoeuvrability and stability.

- Adjust the spring pre-load by turning adjustment unit 1.

Spring pre-load

Standard3 clicks
Full payload6 clicks

Info The spring pre-load can be set to 10 different positions.

Adjusting the shift lever

Info The adjustment range of the shift lever is limited.

- Loosen nuts 1.
- Adjust the shift lever by turning shift rod 2.
- Tighten nuts 1.
- Check the shift lever to ensure it is functioning

Shift rod adjustment range A100...112 mm

Info Make the same adjustments on both sides. At least five screw threads must be screwed into the seating.

Info After the counter nuts have been tightened, the bearings of the shift shaft must be central and aligned identically to each other in order to ensure freedom of movement in bearing shells.