- Check the front and rear tires for cuts, run-in objects, and other damage.
- If the tires have cuts, run-in objects, or other damage:
- Change the tires.
- Check the depth of the tread.
- Minimum tread depth > 2 mm.
- If the tread depth is less than the minimum permissible depth.
- Change the tires.
- Check the age of the tires.
- If a tire is more than 5 years old
- Change the tire.

Note local national regulations concerning the min. tread depth

The tire's date of the manufacture is usually part of the tire markings and is indicated by the last four digits of the DOT marking. The first two digits refer to the week of manufacture and last two digits refer to the year of manufacture. KTM recommends that the tires are changed regardless of the actual wear, at the latest after 5 years.

Material damage Incase the motorcycle is fitted with imported tires, compliance to respective Indian standard & central motor vehicle rules has been ensured.